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Story of K. Rose - Author

K. Rose has been a part of the Indie Author Community for years. Getting her start as a reader, her keen eye led to a wonderful career in Alpha/Beta and ARC (Advance Reader Copy) reading. As a joke to her fellow advanced reader colleagues, she created a spoofed blurb and cover for a story and the feedback was so positive that it sparked her to run with it.
That stoked a fire that has her racing down a multi-genre freeway with no off-ramp in sight. K. doesn’t write to “market” and she is fairly certain that her humor and use of puns may cause an eye roll or two. This still wouldn’t stop her from making sure there is humor in every one of her stories. As a Multi Genre Author, there is sure to be something for everyone to love.
She has traveled the USA extensively, including Alaska, and lived in thirty-eight of the fifty states. Home is now the beautiful state of Wisconsin, where she dreams up her stories in the company of her menagerie of furbabies, including five puppies, five rescue kitties, a bunch of chickens, ducks and turkeys ruled by a Rooster named Chicken Parm, and a ninety-gallon tropical fish tank.
Life will always be interesting for K. Rose, which will fuel her works, and keep her muses singing, come join the chorus.


Basil with Glitter Skin Ebook .jpg

Basil - Book#9 OF The Silver Springs Library Pets


In this quirky reverse harem romance, I, a curvy biomedical engineer, find myself at the center of an unexpected world of passion and danger. After reluctantly joining a dating app, I unknowingly step into a supernatural realm. When one disastrous date turns me into a vampire, I'm faced with an ironic dilemma – I'm a vegan.
Using my cutting-edge skills, I create a serum that allows me to live without feasting on blood. Fate takes me to Silver Springs, a sanctuary for supernatural beings, where I open a unique juice bar and tanning salon. In this enchanting haven, I discover love in the arms of my captivating supernatural suitors.
But when vampire hunters that followed me there target me for my fangs, not my cruelty-free lifestyle, the stakes are raised in this heart-pounding paranormal rom-com adventure. As I navigate the dangers of my new undead life, will I find true love and acceptance in the arms of my supernatural suitors, or will I face the final death for real this time?


PO BOX 774
Elkhorn, WI 53121-0774

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