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Bound to the Fae

Bound to the Fae


A fantasy romance story about Raidi, the daughter of the Queen of the Enchanted Forest, and Galen, the future Fae king of the Forbidden Mountains. After a chance encounter, they become forever bonded as mates, despite their parents' objections and the disapproval of the Fae elders.

Together, they decide to lead a rebellion against the High Fae court, who have long divided the realms. However, their plans are threatened by a betrayal from one of their closest allies, and they must find a way to rally their forces and defeat the High Fae army in the final battle.

Throughout their journey, they will face many challenges and obstacles, but their love and determination never waver. The story explores themes of unity, loyalty, and sacrifice, as well as the power of love to overcome even the most difficult of trials.

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