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Midsummer Night's Haunting

Midsummer Night's Haunting


Magic and wonder
Drama and intrigue
Fantastic creatures
Myths and legends
…and so much more!
It's a magical, ethereally gorgeous, whimsical dream that you'll truly wish was real life.
A spicy retelling of Midsummer Night's dream guaranteed to be a hauntingly good time.



Majoring in Ancient Civilizations, my entire mindset was geared toward facts, not fiction.


I wanted to find answers and provide proof of things, not just believe in mythology and ghost stories. That’s why I was more than willing to drag my three best friends into a forest we knew little about in search of a lost city. While stories were great, finding the actual location was better.


Setting out, my best friend Ashlynn and I were confident, knowing we were protected by our best male friends, Phynix and Case. That quickly turned to fear when we ended up lost. Too soon, we found ourselves stalked by a ghostly figure— herded and trapped without any idea of escaping.


Everything was a mess until the forest provided a means to calm us, to relieve us of our fears and inhibitions— and then realizations came forward that tilted the world the four of us knew on its axis and opened a future we never knew we desperately wanted.


One where we loved each other, all four of us, and lived in that truth forever.


There was only one catch from the ghostly figure, and it turned out to be one that I would willingly follow . . . but it required all of us to agree. Otherwise, we’d lose everything.


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